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ContributionCoin (CC)

The Token powering our advertising economy
Backed by 
real dollars

The Only way to Earn CC is by Running, Redeeming, or Validating Crypto Promotions

Each CC represents Ownership in the myAdChain Platform

The Value of CC is backed by Advertiser Spending 


What's special about ContributionCoin? 


ContributionCoin is a brand new Token you can only mine/earn by contributing to the myAdChain Advertising Platform 


Our Tokenomics guarantee that the Floor Value of CC will increase as Promotions are redeemed on our platform over time


As more Crypto Promotions are redeemed over time, it will become harder to earn CC - so start using or running Crypto Promos today to mine CC while it's easy!


The LEAST ContributionCoin will ever be worth is $1/CC

Hold and Speculate on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Why Own ContributionCoin?

It's your ownership in the Advertising Platform of the future

Speculate Or Invest

 Each CC represents ownership in the myAdChain platform. Sell CC to speculators on Coin Exchanges at multiples of of the floor price 


 Stake your CC for potential USD dividends as the value of myAdChain increases 

Network Effect

Every Promotion generates CC  - any Crypto Promo that gets redeemed on myAdChain grows the value of CC

AdChain Coin Growth Graph.png
Traditional e-Coupons are redeemed yearly
Crypto Promos Redeemed (0.1% market capture) will make CC worth $10+ per token
The Earlier you Use myAdChain
The More You Benefit

Financially benefit from ContributionCoin (CC) The value of your CC increases as Crypto Promotions are used across ALL merchants 

myAdChain Network Statistics

Values updated 3/1/23




Value of myAdChain Blockchain

ContributionCoin (CC)  Distributed

Organic Value of CC

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